International Workshop on Physics with AGATA
Orsay, March 22-24, 2004


Monday 22nd
Session I- Chairperson: M. Pignanelli
D. Guerreau Welcome address
J. Simpson The Status of AGATA [pdf]
T. Aumann Exotic nuclei at high energies [pdf]
Session II - Chairperson: D. Guerreau
M. Freer The gamma-ray as a probe of the cluster [pdf]
A.Görgen Structure at the highest spins [pdf]
S. Frauendorf Exotic phenomena at high spin [pdf]
Session III- Chairperson: J. Eberth
K. Heyde Shape coexistence and phase transitions in atomic nuclei [pdf]
Ch. Theisen Spectroscopy of the heaviest elements [pdf]
S. Ødegård Triaxiality and wobbling with AGATA [pdf]
Session IV- Chairperson: G. de Angelis
R. Page Challenges and opportunities with AGATA [pdf]
F. Terrasi Underground measurement of nuclear reaction cross sections of astrophysical interest [pdf]
L. Gialanella About the determination of nuclear reaction cross sections relevant in stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis [pdf]
P. Pizzochero Why is the level density parameter of exotic nuclei relevant for supernova explosions? [pdf]
J. Simpson Logo winner announcement [pdf]
 Cocktail reception at the LAL cafeteria
Tuesday 23rd
Session V- Chairperson: N. Alamanos
R. Wyss Mapping the N=Z line - perspectives and challenges [pdf]
S. Lenzi Symmetries along the N=Z line [pdf]
N. Marginean Physics of the heaviest N~Z nuclei [pdf]
Session VI- Chairperson: J. Jolie
R. Krücken Investigation of single particle structure at the extremes using relativistic and stored ion beams [pdf]
P.H. Regan Structural evolution of neutron-rich nuclei using thin- target deep inelastic reactions [pdf]
P. Van Duppen Shape coexistence: past and future experiments [pdf]
Session VII- Chairperson: W. Korten
A. Bracco Perspectives in the study of giant resonances with gamma decay measurements [pdf]
A. Maj Jacobi shape transitions and GDR [pdf]
S. Leoni The warm rotation at high spins in neutron rich nuclei [pdf]
Z. Podolyak Isomers: nuclear structure and reactions [pdf]
Session VIII- Chairperson: G.Duchêne
H. Tamura Structure of hypernuclei studied by gamma spectroscopy [pdf]
A. Feliciello Multi L nuclei and H-particles [pdf]
A. Boston Medical imaging with high resolution gamma-detectors [pdf]
 Conference dinner at the ministère de la recherche, Paris Vème
Wednesday 24th
Session IX- Chairperson: P. Nolan
D. Vretenar Exotic structure far from stability [pdf]
Y. Blumenfeld The evolution of shell structure far from stability studied with AGATA coupled to a highly segmented charged particle array [pdf]
S. Siem Possibility to measure level densities as a function of spin using AGATA [pdf]
Session X- Chairperson: B. Cederwall
G. Georgiev Nuclear moment of isomeric states far from stability [pdf]
E. Paul Nuclei at the extremes of angular momentum [pdf]
K. Vetter Gamma-ray tracking based imaging [pdf]
Session XI- Chairperson: J. Gerl
O. Naviliat Search for exotic couplings in nuclear beta decay [pdf]
A. Lopez-Martens Extreme deformations and order-to-chaos transitions [pdf]
M. Lewitowicz Concluding remarks [pdf]